I adore the work of Francis Kurkdjian and his eponymous Maison de… A couple of years ago I had the thrill of attending an event with him at Liberty, put on by my brilliant friends at The Perfume Society. He’s a very engaging man. It was fascinating to hear how he came to create Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic La Male, when he was still very young.

I found this film clip (link at the end) on his website and it conveys the atmosphere of Paris so perfectly. As do his glorious perfumes Petit Matin and Grand Soir.

My scents for Paris are now these two, so here are my smells for Paris:

a freshly-baked baguette

fresh peonies on a street flower stall

very ripe pongy cheese

the vanilla sweetness of a patisserie

passing cigarette smoke

a crazy mixture of different fine perfumes and eau de Colognes in a very small restaurant

white fish in a butter sauce

the slightly dank smell of very old stone

the herbaceous and vegetal aromas of the finest fresh produce piled high