This blog is from Maggie Alderson’s new book The Scent of You, out on March 27th in Australia. It’s the story of perfume blogger Polly Masterson-Mackay – and this is her blog.

Here’s a link to the Harper Collins website where you can find out more:

This is the blurb from the back of the book:

Are you still married if you haven’t seen your husband for months?

Polly Masterson-Mackay’s life is great. Her children are away at uni, her glamorous mother – still modelling at 85 – is happily ensconced in a retirement village, and her perfume blog is taking off.

Then her husband announces he needs some space and promptly vanishes. As Polly grapples with her bewildering situation, she clings to a few new friends to keep her going – Shirlee, the loudmouthed yoga student; Guy, the mysterious, infuriating and hugely talented perfumer; and Edward, an old flame from university.

But while she distracts herself with these diverting personalities and the heady world of luxury perfume, Polly can’t keep reality at bay forever. Eventually she is forced to confront some difficult truths: about her husband, herself and who she really wants to be.